Corporate Sleeves are Brand-tastic

 If your business requires/permits employees to wear sports sleeves on their arms or legs to cover tattoos, why not allow them to wear your own?  Here are some great reasons why;


  • We create “Your Brand on Your Sleeves”

  • Color combinations are limitless and visually stimulating.

  • Your business carries “No Inventory.” 

  • Four seamless sizes that “fit like the skin you’re in.”

  • With pre-approved designs on file, we can create 1 pair or 1000 pair.

  • Employees/Employers can order as needed.

  • ½ the price as national brands.

  • Delivery time “in most cases” is less than 6 calendar days.

  • Compression sleeves massage extremities and promotes increased circulation.

  • Equivalent to SPF 30.

  • Made in America / Veteran Owned and Operated. 

October is Breast Cancer

Awareness Month

Order Solid Pink Sleeves or Customize

them to make an awesome statement.

We have created these symbols on the ribbons to create a closer relationship with others as we take victory over, journey through, stand in support of, and even represent a love one that has finished the fight. Add these special ribbons along with photographs to your sleeves and RaggaMuffins!

We have inverted the normal pink ribbon to display a "V" for Victory Over Cancer. The tails have been outlined with a deeper pink to highlight the "V"!  Some have place the number of years which they have been cancer free!

This ribbon has the tails outlined with a deeper pink to communicate that you are in remission and are kicking cancers butt! Wear this ribbon on your sleeve or RaggaMuffin!

This ribbon has the tails outlined in green to show that you show support for a loved one who currently fights the scourge that is cancer. Wear this ribbon on your Sleeve or RaggaMuffin!

This is the basic pink ribbon that shows your support for the fight against Breast Cancer. Wear this ribbon on your Sleeve or RaggaMuffin!

This ribbon is outlined in red and it represents your remembrance of a loved one that is counted in the heavens. You can add their image to the sleeve or the RaggaMuffin!

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