Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, a brief history of our business.

A father of two, a husband to one, and a guy who rides a really nice bike. Hi, I am Tony Cooper, the energy behind Push Play Athletics. Our Customized Sports Compression Sleeves, RaggaMuffins, and Shapewear exemplifies your life style today. These are the best days of your life and we help you express your fresh, fit and focused life. Life is Now or Never!

Push Play Athletics is your typical small business that started from the need to solve a simple issue. I ride a Suzuki M109 Boulevard motorcycle. I was in need of something to wear that was comfortable, light weight, possessed cooling properties, and could protect my arms from the harsh Texas sun. I purchased a pair of white compression sleeves from an online store. They worked great!

Immediately, other riders began asking where they could get the sleeves, so bought a bunch and resold them.

In 2013, I began to research how to put a design on the sleeves and the next thing you know we began receiving calls from people who walk for courageous causes, have skin sensitivities to sunlight, burn victims, individuals with minor abrasions and circulatory issues. People from just about every organized sport began to call. Golfers, cyclist, fishermen, medical workers, soldiers, sailors, and airmen of our great military wanted sleeves. Now we are reaching the world and I am so thankful for your support and confidence in our business. I know that we can't serve everyone so our goal is to just serve you!    

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